Topics to Discuss With a Russian Girl

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Many foreigners who look for a wife on Russian online dating sites often wonder what to talk about with Russian girls. As a man, you need to keep up a conversation by introducing new topics. But are there certain subjects that are usually welcomed by Russian women and those ones that should be avoided? Certainly, there are some dos and don’ts that you should be aware of in order to chat effectively and pleasantly. You can surely touch upon the following subjects in your online chats and on your dates.

Topics to Discuss With a Russian Girl

Her hometown

As you start to get to know each other, ask your Russian date about her childhood, particularly the town or city where she grew up. This is a universal topic and you can bring it up with any girl. Your date will be glad to tell you about the place where she spent her childhood. You can even ask her to send some pictures of her hometown – this way you’ll demonstrate your genuine interest in her. Also, ask her about her favorite spots in her town or city. Don’t turn your conversation into interrogation – once she answered your question, tell her about your hometown and your favorite spots in it. Another geography-related topic is some other cities in Russia that are worth visiting.

Her passions

People like to talk about themselves and the things that make them happy. Keep this in mind while chatting with a Russian woman. If you want to get to know her better, ask her about her hobbies or talents. It shouldn’t be a direct question because if you ask directly, you will sound like an HR manager. Just look through her photos and you’ll understand how she spends her leisure. Tell her that you saw her picture where she does something that might be her hobby. This way, you’ll not only express your interest in her passion but also show that you viewed her profile. Again, tell her about your hobbies in return.

Her plans and aspirations

Another thing that all people like to do is to make plans. Every person has their dreams and aspirations and they speak volumes about person’s character. If you’re really interested in a particular woman, asking her about her plans for future will give you a clear idea of what kind of person she is and whether you look in the same direction. If she is a student, ask her whether she likes her future profession and whether she is interested in getting a job in that field. Ask her about her attitude to moving abroad, how she imagines her life in 5-10 years.

Her travel experiences

One of the most pleasant topics to discuss is traveling. If you were on a trip recently, share your impressions and ask your Russian date to tell you about her travel experiences. Promise, you’ll have a nice conversation or even plan your next trip together. There are a lot of other matters that can be brought up during your chats. However, there are some topics that you should never touch upon at the initial stage of your relationship.


Of course, you want to know everything about your date but asking too personal questions during your first chats is a no-no. As your relationship evolves, you’ll establish a sufficient level of trust and be able to discuss such intimate topics as your past relationships.


You should do everything to avoid this topic because it’s not the matter that people romantically interested in each other will discuss. Instead of keeping up your conversation, you might turn it into debates.

Sex-related topics

If you want to turn a Russian woman off, just start talking about sex. First, she’ll be embarrassed and shocked because it’s not common in Russia to discuss some sex-related topics openly with people you just met. Then, she’ll think you’re a maniac. So be considerate and don’t even mention the word “sex” in your conversation.

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