How to Treat Russian Girls

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You’ve dated a lot of women and already know how to behave towards them to win their hearts. Irrespective of nationality, all women want to be treated in a proper way. They all want to see and feel that their men love, respect, and care for them. These are the basic and universal requirements of every woman. Yet, each woman has her interpretation of a perfect man and a perfect relationship and your task is to understand what your woman wants. If you’re going to date a Russian girl, you need to know what she looks for in men and treat her the way she wants to be treated. Think it’s difficult? Here are some tips to ease your task.

How to treat russian girls

Be a gentleman

Chivalry is not dead in Russia and Russian men know how to court women. They do in an old-school manner so don’t be afraid of appearing old-fashioned and behave towards your Russian date like a true gentleman. Good manners are admired so don’t miss the chance to demonstrate them. When you go out on a date with a Russian girl, buy her flowers – an integral attribute of any date. If in Europe and America flowers are optional, in Russia, you’ll offend a girl if you show up without a bouquet or at least a single rose. Before you leave your house, make sure you’re dressed appropriately and smell well. Russian women (as all women) pay attention to how a man is dressed. A quick tip: don’t dress too casually or too officially. If it’s your first date, greet her by kissing her hand – she’ll appreciate it. As you walk in the park, offer your arm (she is wearing high heels – support her). When you enter a building open and hold the door for her. Remember that gentlemen always pay for dinner on dates.

Show interest

Women want to feel that a man is interested in them. How can you prove to your date that you’re interested in her? Ask questions concerning her life, career, hobbies, family, etc and listen carefully to her answers. Comment on what she just said to prove that you were attentive. A steady eye contact is a sign of your confidence and your interest in your interlocutor. So look your date in the eyes.


All women like to receive compliments. It’s hard to remain silent when you see your gorgeous Russian girl, so say some words of admiration to her. They should go from your heart because if you simply flatter, your woman will notice that insincerity and will not take your words seriously. Try to compliment her on something specific such as her eyes, a piece of jewelry, or perfume. Women like it very much when men notice small details.

Be romantic

By doing romantic things, you show your woman that you admire and cherish her. Take her out on romantic dates. It can be dining at a cozy restaurant, people watching in the park, viewing the city from the highest building in your city, an unexpected present etc. Men are usually romantic only at the initial stages of a relationship. When woman’s heart is won, they relax and stop surprising their loved ones. Don’t lose that romantic spirit and regularly express your feelings to your Russian girlfriend.


Many Russian men underestimate their women and can’t be happy for their achievements. This is how the vestiges of a patriarchal society manifest themselves. If your Russian date tells you about her passions or successes, let her know how proud you’re of her.

Don’t be too pushy

Never hint at having sex on a first date – you’ll only scare a decent Russian girl away. She’ll think this is all you need from her. Also, stay away from sex-related topics or jokes because it’s a kind of tabooed topic in Russia. If you plan a serious relationship with a Russian girl, you should start slowly and give her time to establish trust and make sure you’re the right person.

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