How to Flirt with Russian Girls

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So, you’re browsing through the profiles of beautiful ladies and suddenly come across the woman of your dreams. You want to write to her but don’t know what to say? Or you already exchanged a couple of messages and now you want to write something that will communicate your romantic intentions. Think what you would say to this girl in a real-life situation. When men approach women offline, they flirt.


It’s an easy and playful way of meeting the opposite sex. While in real life your body language facilitates your flirting, on a dating site you have only one tool – words. Russian girls are picky, so you need to stand out. Flirting is an art and you need to be skilled at it to use it appropriately. Here are some tips on effective flirting.

•Grab her attention from the first message

Your first message is equal to an opening line of a book that either catches your attention at once or turns you off from the start. You should pleasantly surprise a woman. According to the stats, messages in which men address Russian women by their first names get more responses. So, don’t just write a simple “Hi” but add a girl’s name to it. When people see or hear their names, they immediately see the person who addresses them more attractive.

•Compliment her

Compliments are the main flirting tool. You approach a girl because she caught your eye and you write to a girl for the same reason. Obviously, she is beautiful so there is no point in complimenting her on what she already knows. Look through her photos and realize what feature makes her so attractive. It can be her eyes, her posture, or her hair. Compliment her on something particular. Avoid general phrases that can be applied to any girl.

• Keep the balance

Too much flirting will ruin your conversation. If you flood a woman with compliments she will not take you seriously. Too much of a good thing can make you sick – remember this simple truth. Aim for three compliments per one chat or conversation. Each of them should be related to different aspects of her personality: appearance, character, and passions.

• Be attentive

Most men usually skip the information women provide in their profiles and write to them just after looking at their photos. It’s a big mistake because you can use that information in your opening line. For example, you can inquire about her hobby or say that your music tastes are strikingly similar. This will lead straight to a meaningful conversation in which you’ll employ compliments, humor, and other flirting techniques.

• Don’t focus on her sex appeal

Yes, Russian women are gorgeous and well-endowed and they receive a lot of compliments on their great looks. Since they look for serious relationships, it’s important for them that their potential partners appreciate not only their appearance but also their inner world. So don’t lay special stress on your date’s looks, but focus on some traits of her character that attract you.

• Show your sense of humor

Your sense of humor should be your main tool while flirting. Women are irresistibly attracted to those men who can make them smile. Also, humor is a perfect icebreaker. You can employ a bit of humor already in your first message to get a woman interested in you. As your relationship progresses, you can banter with her to keep a playful and flirtatious atmosphere of your conversations. Keep in mind that vulgar or sex-related jokes will turn your Russian date off, so come up with witty and rich jokes. It’s advisable to have a few funny stories in your arsenal so that you can tell them when you need to cheer your woman up or avoid an awkward silence.

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