How to chat to Russian Girls

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By all means, Russian girls are getting more and more men’s attention on the Internet. Western guys are obsessed with them and struggle to find paths to their hearts. Read our article to learn the main 12 rules for picking Russian ladies up online!

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1. Work on your profile

Since that’s the very first thing she will discover about you. Whether it’s on an online dating site or another social networking site, make it sufficient and attractive. Watch out what information you share and what photos you add.

2. Be sincere

This always comes in handy. Besides, Russians are known for their overwhelming sincerity, so being straightforward and honest, you will show your potential match you have a lot in common.

3. Court her

Even in our feminist era, girls tend to like chivalrous guys. Especially Russian girls, who embody femininity. Words can be eternally powerful if you know how to use them in online communication.

4. Use your sense of humour

Pretty simple. Any girl would fall for a fun guy. So if humour is your strength, don’t hesitate to surprise your Russian pen pal with a couple of well-placed jokes.

5. Be somewhat challenging

It’s not only you who should be enticing. Since f is a game for two people, subtly encourage her to charm you in return. Russian women are into initiative men!

6. Call her by name

Names are also powerful when it comes to intimate conversations. Again, nothing could be plainer: when you address your partner by name, you two become closer.

7. Pay her respect

Everybody has the right to maintain his/her personal space. Even though your Russian friend is ready to tell you many cool stories about herself, you shouldn’t push her to reveal some too intimate things.

8. Slow it down

To conquer a heart of a Russian lady, there’s no need to chat to her 24/7. Don’t run ahead of time, keep some mystery! Let you two get to know each other gradually and loosely.

9. Get closer via social media

After spending some time on a dating site, you may become willing to extend the space for your communication. Most Russian girls do have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. If she agrees, rush there!

10. Show your interest

Nothing awakens our romantic feelings like our partner’s interest in our life and personality. On the one hand, you should become a good listener. On the other hand, your task is to react to anything a Russian girl tells you. Remember to keep the balance!

11. Let the final word be yours

Use your creativity. In the end of a chat, set a cliffhanger that would make her think about you and want the next session to start as soon as possible. Indeed, you should learn how to do it right first. Let it be something catchy yet not vulgar.

12. Ask her out!

It’s pretty entertaining and romantic to date someone online. However, you might get ready to take your interaction to another level with time. Don’t be timid! As you remember, Russian ladies typically wait for men to make the first step.

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