Top 7 Places to Look for a Russian Girl

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“Where can I meet a Russian girl?” – this is one of the most frequently asked questions. But the answer is already obvious because girls are absolutely everywhere and you can find a Russian woman wherever you want. And now let's figure out five the most successful places where you get acquainted with a girl of your dream.


1. Shopping and entertainment centers

Russian girls adore shopping. They are not in hurry, they have plenty of free time, and there are many cafes in shopping centers. A cup of tea before the second round of shopping is the best option. And where else could you meet so many girls per square meter?! And, as a rule, very cute consultants work there in addition to attractive visitors. Shopping malls are the # 1 places for finding a good girl!

2. Resorts

Even the most passive men can get acquainted with girls during staying at the resort. Actually, dating begins with a boarding and continues until returning to a starting point. New impressions make us look at the world in a new way, make us more friendly and open, and, perhaps, that is why it becomes so easy to get along with new people. And if you are not one of those who prefer to spend weeks lying on the beach, then there are even more opportunities - excursions, beach activities, active recreation.

Although if we talk about romantic relationships, then, as you know, holiday romances are very short-lived. First of all, due to the fact that the magic feeling of lightness disappears when you come back from vacation and begin to forget how to smile without reason and enjoy life. But, perhaps, a holiday friendship has more chances to survive and turn into something more.

3. Fitness clubs

It may seem that serious relations can’t be started in such places, but it is not. Just look more often at those who attend a fitness club, and look for a way to get acquainted closer.

Such a question as "How long have you been in sports?" may help you. And then you can accidentally run into a girl near the exit of the club. A real gentleman will always offer to drive a girl home in such a situation.

4. Cafes

A cafe or a pub is a perfect place for a quick and easy acquaintance. No one is in a hurry in a cafe and the atmosphere is relaxed, especially if a place is popular and crowded. In addition, the probability of meeting beautiful girls in a cafe is much greater than in any other place.

5. Internet

Of course, one of the best places where you can find a Russian girl is the Internet. There are many different social networks, dating sites, etc. It is not necessary to go somewhere for this type of dating. You may just sit in a cozy room and communicate with girls you like. But you can see only photos of an interlocutor, therefore, it is necessary to turn the acquaintance on the Internet into real life as soon as possible. If you don’t do this next week, the process of dating is considered unsuccessful and it doesn’t make sense to continue it.

6. Discos and nightclubs

Night clubs are one of the most common places of acquaintance. Of course, you will not be able to determine what kind of relationship is possible with this or that girl - for one night or for a whole life. In any case, it's an opportunity to have a good time. Many girls are friendly in nightclubs and open to communication. But, it is very important to behave naturally, carefree and confident.

7. Streets

Actually, streets are one of the most difficult of all the above-mentioned places for getting to know a girl. Ukrainian girls have the conviction that it's indecent to get acquainted on the street, so you can hear such phrases: "I don’t get acquainted on the street" or even "I have a boyfriend". And what if you saw a beauty on the street or in a parking? Right! Act and don’t pay attention to what they say; just be assertive. This is your chance to find Russian women for dating and marriage.

So, we figured out what are the best places for dating that would be appropriate for every person. Putting these recommendations and tips into practice, you will not only be able to choose the best places for dating from this list but start to act and get experience and knowledge, smile and be open. Try to be kind and confident inviting a girl to a date and then you will be successful.

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