10 Great Ideas for the First Date with a Russian Girl

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Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian girls dating became the main dream for the vast majority of western men. This obsession came due to few reasons. Firstly a number of western men are quite dissatisfied with western women. All those complaints about western women being overly impacted by feminism and obsessed with their careers, make no surprise that men turned their attention to Russian women. Russian women are family-oriented and they accept traditional gender roles, and western men want to date or to marry a girl like that.

Thanks to online dating services it's not that hard to date a Russian woman online, things get harder when it comes to real dating. If Russian women accept traditional gender roles than it is you who needs to plan and arrange the first date. That's why you need to be very attentive when you date a Russian girl online, cause you can find a great deal of first date advice. If you haven't been attentive while chatting, no big deal, because we have a list of great first date ideas for you.

Topics to Discuss With a Russian Girl

A dinner at the restaurant or cafe

This is the choice of every man who has no idea what to do on a first date. Still a dinner is one of good first date ideas. Few things you need to remember, when you having a dinner with a Russian girl. Be a gentleman, pull the chair for her and don't sit before she sits. Pick the cuisine according to her tastes (yes, that's why you need to be attentive while chatting). And don't forget that in any case you are paying for a dinner, otherwise your first date may be your last one.

A walk in the park

If your Russian girlfriend is not into those fancy cafes and restaurants, a walk in the park can be a great choice for the first date. Fresh air is way better for conversations and, moreover, it increases your chances to get a kiss on first date.

Sports or light games

If both of you are not into traditional first date things, than playing some badminton outdoors may be quite a good idea. If you prefer indoor activities more, board games and indoor tennis are waiting for you as well. By the way, let her win.

Go for a skate

“But I wasn't born with balance, neither was she”, that were your most probable thoughts when you've read the title of this paragraph. Yes, probably you both weren't, and that's the point. Taking a risk and helping each other will definitely help you in building the connection, which is so needed on the first date.

Visit a planetarium

Planetarium may be the best ideas when you're into Russian women dating. Observing stars that people in big cities often cannot see, can be one of the most romantic ideas for the first date. Besides, discussing austral bodies can be a great help, if you don't know things to talk about on a first date.

Taking an art class

“But I can't paint and I'm not sure that she can”, yep, it goes the same way as with “Go for a skate”. Once again it is better when both of you can't paint or make sculpture, because it will initiate you to help each other, thus building the connection between you.

Go rock climbing

Rock climbing can give you both unforgettable excitement, thus making it an unforgettable first date. If she will not forget the date, she won't be able to forget you, thus increasing your chances on continuation.

Taking dancing lessons

Just sign for a dancing lessons. An hour would be just enough, considering that you would be communicating via your body language. All in all, learning any new skill together will bring you closer to each other.

Go horseback riding

If you’re in for fairy tale romances, spending a day riding horses can be the most romantic idea ever. But it is better to be physically prepared for such a date.

Hot air balloon trip

This is the best idea for the first date, as hot air balloon trip is both romantic and unforgettable. Just learn if she's not afraid of heights in advance.

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